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    It isn't difficult to get a homeowner loan if you own your own home, hundreds of UK lenders will lend up to 95% Loan to Value of your property and some as much as 125% Loan to Value if you find you have little or no equity at all.

    Homeowner loans are available to those that own or pay a mortgage on their house, bungalow, flat or cottage. Companies such as Purple Loans offer competitive rates, fixed and deferred payment plans as well as rebates given for early settlement of the loan. If you have no equity or poor credit rating such as missed mortgage payments, defaults, self-employed with no accounts they can still help offering competitive rates. on homeowner loans (Subject to Normal Lending Criteria)You can apply by post or make an appointment with the area manager, or even apply on-line.

    The Mortgage Lender will also lend to homeowners who have encountered mortgage arrears in the past or at present, and those with no proof of income, bad credit status and existing loan commitments. With just a click on-line you could have cash in a hurry from a homeowner loan for that new Kitchen, holiday, wedding, new car or debt consolidation so you only have one monthly payment, giving you and your family extra added piece of mind.

    Ocean Finance will allow Homeowners to borrow anything from Ј3,000 - Ј500,000 over a period of 3-25 years at very reasonable interest rates. You can even borrow up to 125% Loan to Value of your property if you have little equity. They consider all circumstances and make an individual assessment on your Homeowner loan application even if you have been turned down in the past and have adverse credit or no credit score at all. They will also sort out any insurance requirements such as Accident, sickness and redundancy cover so you have added protection. It's easy to apply for a homeowner loan and a decision can be given in minutes.


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