• The Truth About Credit


    What you might not know about credit.

    Some people don't know about a loop hole in the credit reporting system.

    You probably know that a loan in your name gets reported to the credit bureaus. And this borrowed money shows up on your credit report.

    The more you owe on your credit report the lower your credit score will be.

    But there is a way to get loans and credit cards that never show up on your credit report.

    When you get a credit card in the name of your business, it will never be reported on your personal credit report. So you can get large amounts of cash from the banks I work with everyday and it will never show up on your credit report.

    And you can start a business on paper for almost nothing. Just pick out a cool name for your new business and submit it on-line.

    That means no matter how much cash you take out in the name of your business, your credit score never drops.

    This is the best way most people have ever seen to get cash and use it to buy real estate, because the money is invisible.

    Tom Kish. Real Estate Guru

    Tom is a public speaker and trainer on the topics of real estate investing and small business cash flow. He is available for public speaking, consulting, and one on one coaching for your business and real estate investing pursuits.


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