• Refinance Your Mortgage to Rebuild Credit


    Refinancing your mortgage is one way to rebuild your credit, particularly if you have recently declared bankruptcy. With a poor credit history, you can find refinancing through a sub prime lender. To rebuild your credit, make regular payments on your mortgage and other bills. Then after two years, refinance again for lower rates with your now good credit rating.

    A Note About Sub Prime Lenders

    Sub prime lenders offer B, C, and D credit, which means they offer credit to high risk lenders. For taking on these high-risk loans, sub prime lenders charge slightly higher interest rates and fees.

    Some sub prime lenders charge excessively high fees, but you can screen these out by comparing mortgage rates. Online mortgage lenders make this easy with their online quotes and posted rates.

    Applying For Refinancing

    Applying for refinancing has been made easy with the internet. The first step is to collect several financing offers, and sort through them. Look for low fees and interest rates.

    Once you have picked a mortgage lender, fill out the application either online or request an application mailed out to you. Once you have submitted your application, it will be reviewed and processed. You refinancing should be completed in about 6 weeks.

    Getting Financing Approval

    Getting approval for your refinancing application is a common concern. While lenders approve more B, C, and D credit loans today, you can also stack factors in your favor. Paying off loans, closing unused credit card accounts, and making regular payments on credit cards and other loans will help. Another step is to put a note in your credit report explaining the reason for past due bills, foreclosures, or bankruptcy.

    Rebuilding Your Credit

    The next step to rebuilding your credit is to make regular, on time payments on your refinanced mortgage and other bills. Making regular payments is the single fastest way to establish good credit. Make the bill payment easy by setting automatic withdrawals through your bank.

    Refinance With Good Credit

    After you have established a good credit history, apply again to refinance your home for lower interest rates. If you declared bankruptcy, wait at least two years to refinance. However, if you simply had a series of late payments on your credit, wait a year before researching refinancing options.


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